To help people navigate the mysteries of their mind, body and spirit. To awaken a passion for life and wellbeing. To inspire authenticity and foster loving connections with the self, our communities and our environment. To spread Love and Beauty through intentions and actions.

Project YOU: Heal, Grow, Live Beautifully



We all come with a whole lot of accumulated baggage. The first phase of the program is a process of assessing our current state of being through mindful observation and guided insight work; A compassionate and practical approach towards understanding ourselves, our beliefs, motivations and releasing the concepts that hold us back.



The second phase is focused on growth, intentionally designing your life and consciously aligning actions with your desires. You will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone and experience new levels of what is possible.


Live Beautifully.

Lastly we sustain a high level of commitment to our best self through everyday living practices. These are selected tools and techniques that keep your body healthy, mind clear, heart full and soul ON FIRE!!