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A Little About Me

I am Romanian born, a woman, ex corporate ladder climber, student of yoga, lover of life, truth seeker, driven, creative, loyal, reliable, warm, passionate, curious, an empath, super intuitive, overly sincere, awesome problem solver, obsessed with personal growth, proudly imperfect.


Currently working on: Non-Judgement, a more lighthearted attitude and a growth mindset.

Likes: laughing hard (especially with my sister or watching bloopers and America's Funniest videos), the ocean, fireplaces, the smell of roasting red peppers, high vibe everything especially DANCING, books, art in every form, cozy chill days, big edgy unique personalities, New York City, intimate gatherings, reading about acts of kindness and stories that highlight the power of the human spirit.

Dislikes: authority, institutions, dogma, social divisiveness, the word "nice", crowd mentality.


To help you navigate the mysteries of mind, body and spirit ~ To reawaken your passion for life and wellbeing  ~ To inspire authenticity and foster loving connections with the self, our communities and our environment ~ To spread love and beauty through intentions and actions ~ 

How I walked away from job security & chronic stress and stepped into the unknown for the opportunity to change my story and the lives of others.

This is a story about making well informed intentional choices; This is NOT a story that tries to convince you to leave your job.


This is the why:

Honestly, if I had benefitted from the guidance of a coach when I was in the Corporate world, I would have made very different choices, approached things with a different attitude and would have most likely still been there, because I loved the place and miss many of its people.


But that's in hindsight, and here's how it actually worked out...

My story is cliche these days - overworked corporate person leaves to start their own business. Sounds a little familiar right?


I worked for an amazing Private Equity company for over 8 years and benefitted from beautiful relationships and professional growth. However, on the personal front I was chronically stressed, burned-out, medicated for anxiety and depression and was on a loop of self medicating with alcohol and shopping. My stomach was an absolute mess, I lacked energy and was often bursting at the seams with feelings of anger and self doubt.

 It all started to change when I committed to a regular practice. As one of my teachers likes to say "The Yoga got me".










Circa New Year's resolution 2016 - I was fortunate enough to live a couple blocks away from one of the best Yoga studios in Boston which made showing up to the early morning classes easy. The more I showed up, the better I began to feel. The better I felt, the more I wanted to know, which led to signing up for the Teacher Training. The rest is a bit of a blur. The Yoga training was like coming home to the truth, something I knew deeply all along but hadn't yet brought to the surface. Before the yoga training even ended I turned in my 6 months' notice at work and without a clear plan or strategy and to the dismay of many of my people, I decided to venture out into the unknown.

This personal journey was and still is an incredible event that I wouldn't trade for the world. It's included many moments of awe, breakthroughs, deep love and inner peace on the wings of Eastern healing traditions like Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Reiki; This stuff is highly impactful technology!! It also included light Therapy and lots of reading and Self Coaching. I am immensely grateful for where I am now. I have worked with many incredible people and have seen entire lives turned upside down and positively changed by both yoga and coaching process.

My mission is focused on impact through one-on-one work and in the workplace. Long term I am committed to changing the culture of stress and burnout we have accepted as a society to help people and companies thrive through a paradigm shift and the application of stress management and behavioral wellness in the workplace.

I want to leave you with a few key take aways:

  • Both lifestyles have their positive and their negatives and they fit different types of people and different goals. 

  • Something to keep in mind - Wherever you go, you are taking yourself with you - which means that unless you do the work, you will run into the same self defeating BS and drama whether you are self employed or not. The same goes for relationships.

  • And finally, you CAN absolutely do the personal growth work where you are right NOW. All you need is willingness and a commitment to improving how you show up in the world.

    • You can learn to let go of stress - all stress is a form of resistance that ultimately you are responsible for.

    • You can learn to see your Ego driven needs that keep you in a loop of misery followed by only being happy when you get what you want

    • You can learn to see your own Worthiness and Power and not depend on others for approval, and much much more.

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Mihaela is very talented and knowledgeable. She cares about my well-being and she is personally invested in helping me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a true partner and not just someone to give a lesson, then she would be a fantastic choice.

Jonathan K.