Holistic Coaching

“Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth… a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one’s full potential”.

A multi dimensional integrative 12 week program that helps you define, clarify and move you towards achieving your life vision - manage a chronic illness, lose weight, create powerful positive habits, find balance, transcend stress and worry, improve relationships, change careers, etc.

I am deeply passionate about empowering each one of you to live a conscious life, created with clarity and purpose, a life that you will constantly be in awe and deep gratitude for. 

Overcome Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression 

I am fascinated by the culture of stress we have created and allowed into our life experience and I dedicate a lot of my work to it. Stress has become an epidemic and we are only now starting to realize the depth to which we are affected by it, and even worse, this is the environment in which we are raising our future generations.

My goal is to change the conversation, to help you become aware of all the ways it is impacting your life and to show you that there are lots of things (mental, emotional, physical) you can do to take back control and live a life that is purposeful and beautiful.

“Nina cried Power” - Reclaim your personal power

“Power is at the root of the human experience. Our attitudes and belief patterns, whether positive or negative, are all extensions of how we define, use, or do not use power…. Our relationship to it is at the core of our health” - Caroline Myss

This program is an inquiry into our connection to personal power. This is not about power over others but a deep dive into all the areas of our life and our belief system intended to help you heal and transform your relationship with the self.

This work is meant to shine a light on the stories we tell ourselves that keep us in a victim mindset, in dead end jobs and relationships or in self defeating behavior cycles.

Evolve your relationship

Outside the relationship with the self, the partner relationship serves as a mirror and offers the most opportunities for growth, development and healing. This offering works to define, refine, deepen and enhance your relationship especially during transitional periods or times of increased stress and pressure.

Sessions are intuitively crafted to fit the unique characteristics of each individual and couple. Based on a framework of multidimensional wellness, our work will deepen awareness, problem solve for core limiting beliefs, resolve conflicts, enhance communication and understanding skills. Together you will build a deeply intimate, connected and conscious vision of a life together.